General Chan Rules

I'm hoping these are relatively strait forward and stuff, if you have any questions, e-mail me at

1. Respect the others in the chan. This may sound pretty obvious, but you'd be surprised. This would involve stopping a certain behavior when requested to (such as player bashing. If it's play and the other person understands that, ok, but if not, knock it off. Or better yet, don't START doing it). If you need more specific instructions contact me or one of the OPs.

2. Keep personal fights OUT. These only lead to war and annoyance of others in the chan. C'mon folks, if it's personal, take it into a private message. Basically, if something happens out of chan, it should stay out of chan. (e.g. "So and so just called me this in PM! I want you to kick them!") We have no power over it. However, see the enforcement section for the few exceptions to this rule.

3. Don't bring problems from other chans into this one. Again, we don't want war between the two (or three, or four).

4. No op-begging. Ops are earned here, those who ARE opped have proven to me that they are trustworthy enough to handle them. They're an earned privilege, not a right.

5. No nick cloning. This gets really confusing. For instance, if there's a George in the chan, you can't bring in FutureGeorge or Semi-good-semi-evilGeorge. However, there can be similar nicks with notable differences. Like, ok, I'm borrowing this from #TMNT, if there's a Leonardo, there can be a Leah-nardo. See what I mean?

6. No super large pop-ups without permission from everyone in the chan. By super large, I mean anything with over four lines in it. Since there's bound to be lots going at times, big popups can confuse things royally.

7. Swearing IS allowed within reason. There are basically no forbidden words, however, this does not give you an invitation to swear a blue streak every time you come in. This ain't exactly gonna be a family chan, but it's not going to be completely without dignity.

8. No scripts including auto-kick or auto-nuke. This will result in an akick right away.

9. Nadda on a ban on people who come in, say nothing, and leave again. They're not doing any harm, maybe they're just looking for someone or entered by mistake. If the person comes in, spams us with an add or insults, and leaves, THEN they can be banned.

10. If someone fails to respond, don't go whining that they're ignoring you. There's such a thing as lag and life outside of the chan. The person may be lagging horribly and need to server hop, may have pinged or may be distracted with other stuff. And if they DO have you on ignore, what good does whining about it do?

11. No kicking of newcomers (or regulars for that matter) because of what other rooms they're in. That's none of our business, and so long as they don't break any rules in this chan, it's none of our concern.

12. NO EVANGELIZING! For the sake of the GODS. By evangelizing, I mean trying to convert others into another religion, belief system or way of thinking. People figure out what they want to think through (hopefully) their experiences and such. No one has the right to try to change that because they think that only they are right. There are many faiths, and all of them should be respected.

13. All SOPS must agree to akicks

14. Any A/SOP kicking for no reason will be punished (Heh, we'll determine how later ;-), needless to say, it won't be pretty :-P)

15. No posting of PMs in chan without the permission of both parties. You never know what will hurt someone's feelings, and this just happens to be how several fights break out needlessly.

16. No temp ops to be given out without the approval of the founder first.


If you're caught broken the rules once, you'll get a verbal warning (for instance "You're breaking this rule. This is your one and only warning, next time, it's a kick") and be referred to the rules pages. The SOPs and AOPs are to do a ping on you to make sure you're not lagging. Next comes the kick, if ya don't knock it off. If you come back and STILL keep doing it, it'll be a kick and a 24 hour ban. If you still don't get the hint you go on akick. Tough cookies if ya don't like it, that's the way it is.

SOPS or the Founder are the only ones allowed to do the final ban.

The exception to rule #2 is the few people who are going to be on akick from the start. These people have been given many chances by me as well as, I'm sure, others in the chan. They've blown all their chances and are on dishonorable discharge. Also, if you come into the chan and you have a history of causing trouble in other chans frequented by the Founder you get one, count it, one chance to behave. If, over time, you be good, you'll get equal treatment of the rest of the regulars and newcomers.

There might be more as I think and talk about it with others. :-)