Diana and HLM all dressied up wit' flowers! :)

Short for "Private Messages" these are parts of the RP that took place between  only two RPers and out of channle. These are dated, with a short sinopses after it, just like the Channle ones are. These will also be linked to the RP they're attatched to, if any.

8-25-01 - Lisette confronts Klork mentally before showing up in the Asylum

8-30-01 - Nissa and Kame's phone conversation

8-30-01 - Kame and Angelo go to sleep together, sweet scene.

9-7-01 - Kame and HLM have a heart to heart about Kame's experience with Muso

9-7-01 - Nissa meets Muso, gets in a lil' screaming argument with him before Tako comes down and she and Tako go out

9-18-01 - Angy and her friend, Maleeia stop in Central Park, run into Muso and Shitako and chat with 'em for a while

9-18-01 - HLM shows Klork the grave where her stillbirthed daughter is burried, later, he proposes to her ;)

9-19-01 - Klork and Kame talk about Klork's engagement outside the pizzaria, then about Kame's pregnancy. Very emotional.

9-21-01 - Just a whispered conversation between Klork and HLM

9-25-01 - Kame and Angelo have a telepathic conversation before she comes home and they talk a few things out

9-27-01 - Klork and HLM have a heart to heart

10-2-01 - Zack and Diana's mental conversation

10-4-01 - Klork and HLM's mental conversation reguarding Billy

10-4-01 - Another mental conversation between Zack and Diana

10-5-01 - Klork and HLM's mental conversation about the wedding

10-5-01 - Klork and Emer meet for the first time

10-6-01 - Mondo and Diana's whispered conversation

10-10-01 - Diana tells Zack mentally that she and Mondo are together

10-11-01 - Mental stuffs between Zack and Diana

10-12-01 - A farewell thingie...Zack finally shares his feelings with words

10-21-01 - What happens after Zack dissapears (Note on these Zack/Diana/Zeus RP PMs...they took place during different days in the RP world than in the real world, if that makes any sense...I didn't want to have Diana absent from the Asylum for an indeffinate period of time, seeing as she's one of my main characters)

10-21-01 - Diana and Mondo go out for a little walk

10-22-01 - Zack's first mission with the baddies and the aftermath

10-25-01 - Zack tries to get rid of the people holding him captive...don't work too good

10-27-01 - Klork and HLM's whispered conversation at their reception

10-27-01 - Emer and Diana walk back to the Asylum from the wedding

10-27-01 - Zack and Diana - continuation of 10-25-01

10-28-01 - First day of HLM and Klork's honeymoon (No, nothing dirty here :P)

10-28-01 - Telepathic conversation between Diana and Zeus

10-30-01 - Logan and Jira meet for the first time

11-5-01 - Another day of the honeymoon...they find out some very happy news

11-8-01 - biiiiiiig suprise in Japan ('nother honeymoon log)

11-10-01 - HLM's first doctor's appointment (Yep, still in Japan)

12-13-01 - Rae shares what was in the letter with Kern

12-21-01 - Teirnan steals one of Klork and HLM's babies

12-22-01 - Kern and Rae have a chat, before finding out (much sooner than most women would :P) that they're gonna have a beebee

12-27-01 - What happened when Angelo went home, Diana's off in the shadows spying...being sneaky, yeah, that's why she wasn't saying anything ;)

12-27-01 - What Keelin and Devnet did after they left the Asylum

12-28-01 - Klork shares some plans with HLM

12-30-01 - Klork and Diana's short telepathic conversation

1-6-02 - Dev searches for herbs to help Keelin recover with, he meets Kevley, and then, once the herbs are administered, goes to bed with Keelin

1-9-02 - Keelin and Devnet go to Underhill to try getting rid of Teirnan...the child Keelin carries dies instead

1-21-02 - Syan and Nox share a few tender moments before sleep

2-7-02 - Teirnan tortures Klork, Devnet and Diana, once he leaves Klork gets Devnet out of there, Diana and Klork then go to the Astral Plane for a while before coming to, and managing an escape

2-8-02 - Klork and Diana make it to Aiden's hide out

2-10-02 - Klork and Diana wake up for a while, Klork talks with HLM telepathically before they get cut off

2-11-02 - Klork and Diana chat

2-14-02 - Klork and HLM chat telepathically

2-15-02 - Diana finds out she's pregnant, Kevley chats with Dev before leaving Dev to talk with Keelin before they head off to bed

2-15-02 - Klork and HLM talk about stuff before bed

2-15-02 - Devnet and Keelin chat mentally

2-18-02 - Klork and HLM's telepathic chat

2-18-02 - Devnet and Keelin go for a walk together

2-20-02 - First, HLM and Klork's mental chat, then Klork and Diana battling Teirnan in the mental relm

2-24-02 - Devnet and Keelin recover from the battle before going to sleep

2-25-02 - Klork drives HLM off for some R&R

2-26-02 - Next day of Klork and HLM's lil' vacation...Klork takes her for a drive, it's TBCed (To Be Continued)

2-27-02 - The TBC of the day before...Klork and HLM are blessed :)

3-3-02 - HLM visits the doc, gets an ultra-sound and warning, then later, her side of a phone conversation with Kevley

3-6-02 - Klork and HLM have a chat...they pick out baby names before going to pick up Brenna and Iris from Diana's room

3-9-02 - Klork reassures HLM...they chat 'n snuggle before Brenna wakes up from a disturbing dream...

3-15-02 - Devnet makes a very important decision

3-17-02 - Back in the Asylum, Diana and Mondo have a very frustrating conversation

3-18-02 - Revelyn and Kevley battle

3-19-02 - Revelyn "tortures" Kevley *sniggers*

3-20-02 - Keelin and Devnet return to Underhill to check things out, learn some very unsettling news and share it with Diana before formulating a plan of action

3-20-02 - Mondo tries mentally comforting Diana before bringing her to bed

3-20-02 - Wing and Diana chat

3-21-02 - Keelin and Devnet explore some more, meet a young child and learns more on the situation

3-23-02 - Diana frees Kevley

4-7-02 - Klork and HLM's mental conversation

4-7-02 - Keelin helps Diana's essence return to her body

4-14-02 - Syan comforts Nox before removing her implant...then cuddling and going to sleep together...beddy mushy, this one ;)

4-27-02 - Klork gets Diana from the hospital, she goes toothy to heal faster

4-30-02 - Devnet and Keelin start the binding ceremony

5-1-02 - Keelin and Devnet complete the bonding ceremony with Aiden's help, then recover from it (time runs differently in Underhill)

5-7-02 - HLM sooths Klork, they bathe each other before finally getting some sleep

11-22-02 - Narrah finds out that Mary is pregnant and hospitalized...they find out very disturbing news, and she needs to go through an unpleasant procedure...Diana then goes to find and battle Kevley Underhill