RP Rules
I'm hoping these are relatively strait forward and stuff, if you have any questions, e-mail me at moronqueen@yahoo.com.

1. First and foremost, NO POWER GAMING! If you don't know what this is, allow me to give you an example:
*BillyJoe blasts Bob and permantently melds the two together to form BillyJoeBob*
What's the problem you ask? Well, BillyJoe is controlling Bob's movements. Maybe Bob didn't want to be permantently melded to BillyJoe 'cause BillyJoe has some major BO problems or something. BillyJoe should have typed something like:
*BillyJoe blasts Bob, trying to meld the two together*
That gives Bob the chance to retaliate.
The next thing that falls under this catagory is making your character invulnerable to taking hits. That makes it annoying as hell to RP with the person. This would involve dodging every hit too fast or taking the hit and not getting damaged at all. C'mon now, nerve endings hurt when they get bruised IRL, this should serve the same in RP.

2. NO POKEMON Pet peeve of mine, the fewer Pokemon the better. I have scars where I was bitten, really.

3. No DBZ characters. Sorry if you're a fan, but pretty much every DBZ character I've RPed with in the past has GMed like mad, and I will not tolerate that at all.

4. No religion based RPs (eg Heaven and/or Hell based) You can have characters based off of variouse mythos, but they can't be all powerful. Falls under the no GMing. Also, this falls into the respect catagory, please keep in mind that everyone DOES NOT share the same beliefs.

5. Keep all cyber-sex out of chan. You can take the sweet lovin' into private, but this chan isn't a place for that, since there will be other people involved. No problems with inuendos and stuff. It can be funny to joke about, but please, keep the heavy stuff out, some don't want to watch others gettin' it on in public, k?

6. Respect others in the RP. If you want to try killing off a character or beat them into submission (eh heh, well, in seriouse RP anyway, sometimes goofy play starts up), ask for permission first, k? Different people have different limits, and those should be taken into consideration.

7. No RPing or stealing other peoples' characters. This is different than the GMing, because there sometimes springs up the occation of someone wanting to RP a character very badly and they just start in on it without asking the usual RPer for permission. I guess this also falls under respect.

8. No RPing off of fanfiction without the RP buddy's permission. If this were a fanfiction oriented room room, it would have to be to only one fic and then it would be pretty much private, now wouldn't it?

9. This RP is completely seperate from all other RPs. If you want to bring elements of a previouse RP into this one with one or two other people, talk to them about it, but don't expect everyone to play the exact same characters from the exact same time line you're used to.

10. Both human-lookin' and anthropodian creatures welcome.

11. Keep all OOC (Out Of Character) comments in brackets of one form or another. Examples would be: <I like cheese> or (Cheese sucks) basically, just something to signal you're talking OOC, otherwise it gets too confusing. ADDENDUM: Keep it down to a dull roar in the main chan...a few lines here or there are ok, but if you want to just bullshit OOC, go to #HLA_OOC, most everyone in the RP room is there, too...good idea to just go there right off the bat.

That's it for now, there might be more, keep an eye out.