I watch him sleep. My koibito slumbers during the day, as I try to find a way to bring his mortality back.

He was the last thing I saw when I died, and the first when I was reborn. He cared for me as I regained my strength, and held me as my life fled from my sun slaughtered body.

Now I struggle for a way to bring him back. So far, all I can find is through induction into the dragon clan, and then the ceremony would need to be done my either myself or Klork. If I were to do it, I believe I'd be turned Kindred again, and my only way out of that is True Death. I would, after all, only be reborn again.

That would mean I am more or less immortal, wouldn't it? Something within tells me that was supposed to be a blessing. How can immortality be a blessing? Especially to one born amongst and living amongst mortals?

I find it ironic...all those years of moving between worlds...forging bonds only to shatter them when I left. Now, I will be the one to stay. I will be the one left. I will live until living becomes existence, and existence becomes unbearable. I won't even have death as an escape. I do not ecven wish to think about that.

So I won't. Not yet.

I will instead linger upon the sweetness of the present. The love between Mitch and I, the family I have at the Asylum, the rush of my work, the seldom seen otherworldly beauty of Underhill...

Our problems I will help to solve, the pain sooth and the hate fend off. I live now. I love now. All I have now is all I have. That I will treasure and take solace from.


current mood: contemplative