She smiled coldly as she slowly drew her blade across the young man's throat to let his dark blood gush over the front of his shirt. When his body fell to the ground, his friends stared in horror at the beautiful deamon who had so coldly killed one of their own. The urge to fight was overcome by the urge to save themselves. So, they ran and left their small, terrified victim to stare into the glowing red eyes of her savior. One glance from this fire haired woman sent her running as well, thankfully uninjured, however her terror stole her breath.

Diana liquidly straightened from the swiftly cooling corpse at her feet and stepped back into the shadows, extinguishing the glow from her eyes and sheething her blade. She was angry. She was far angrier than she had been in a long, long time. And all over a man. A friend. One she'd slowly become aware she cared too much for. One she'd known had cared a great deal for her.

And now he was leaving.

She shook her head lightly and stepped into the shadows of the ally again. A short leap had her snagging the bottom of the fire escape, and she scaled it. Shortly, she leapt along the rooftops, concentraiting soley on the sinuouse movement of her muscles. She hunted her prey.

Mitch...whoever you are...why didn't you listen to me? Shimatta...why did I say the things I did? Diana baka yo...

She shook her head, then paused, narrowing her eyes and looking into the magical relm. There was a familiar energy pattern flitting around a lone man sitting far below; slowly gaining power, although to the naked eye, he appeared to do nothing more than simply read a book.

No...Teirnan...you're dead...

There was no mistaking it. It was him. In one shape or another, it was him.

A low growl rippled from her throat as the rage swelled up within. She unsheethed her sword and leapt at him.

She felt the darkness surge within her veins as the vampire, deamon and succubus grew within her. The thirst for blood was overwhelming. Not just the ferrus taste, but the warm feel of it corsing over her skin, the thick texture thrilling her nerves.

She did not drink. She pulled the man, his vocal cords severed already, to a place out of the view of the street. Slowly she sliced his skin off of his body. The pain coursing over his face was intoxicating.

She opened herself up to it, and used it as fuel to slowly slice flesh away, layer by layer.

And when she was finished; when the blood coated her skin and armor; she looked down at the result. The body, barely more than a skeleton surrounded by severed flesh, save for the face frozen in a silent scream of agony and terror, stared into the muggy summer night with glassed over eyes.

She didn't want to know which she wanted to do more; scream or laugh.

Instead, she simply walked away. Deep into a nearby park. Deep into the darkness. She found a place hidden from the world, and curled into herself. A demon to some, an angel to others. Now only a mere woman in dark armor, her heart shattered, mind numbed and soul scraped raw.

Kami-sama...watashiwa nan no shite moradesuka...

current mood: enraged