It appears my tomodachi is turning into my koibito. We've grown closer since he was returned to the Asylum. I've shared with him far more than I have with anyone else, as he has I.

He still seems in shock, truth be told. From what little I know of his life, I do not think I can blame him. I will not deny, however how happy I am this has finally happened.

We share so much in common, even though our backgrounds may appear to be polar opposites.

The one thing we both know intimately is being alone. Utterly and completely. I am not sure how he sees it, demo I am tired of it. Hard as it may be to change from the solitary life. Heh...life of the ronin...

The pain of the past is so much easier to deal with when there is someone to hold you, and someone to hold.

It also helps when your heart beats for that person.

I find myself wishing I could truely express how I feel. This is something I've never been particularly good at, even when I was with mondo.

I will do my best with Mitch. He's been through so much trauma in the past month...ne, through his entire life, no doubt.

Makes me wish I could just take the hurt away.

Demo, that would be unfair. Pain is as nessisary as pleasure in life. To be rid of it is to be rid of a very big part of ourselves. Somethings...it is the only thing we have that keeps us alive.

That does not mean, however, that I cannot attempt to ease a little of the suffering of the man I love, hai?

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