I miss the sun. Its golden warmth and cheerful light. That price, however, is nothing in comparison to the reward of Mitch's continued life. It seems my life is now eternal, save for a stake through the heart or a day in the sun.

My brother has promised to find a way to turn me mortal again. The spell we have always used will no longer work for me, thanks to what the dark of our clan did to me.

What is most painful, however, is how I hid this from Mitch...my plans from Klork...

I cannot keep the look on my tomodachi's face out of my mind, nor the worry in my brother's voice...gods...and HLM's shock...my sister of the heart...

I had to do it. Both Klork and HLM understand. Mitch, I...do not know. GOds, but I love him. He would not have let me change him if he did. I had to. He does not deserve to die in such a way.

It was all very strange though. My blood did not take all the way, as if something is battling it.

He is cured, however. THat is what counts the most. And if he regains his mortality? Then that is all for the better. I do not wish an eternity of thisexistance upon him. Hopefully, he will retain his sight..

As for me...if there is no way back...I will cope for as long as I can. WHen I can no longer...I suppose I will simply await the sun. Until then? I have no problem working nights.

current mood: discontent
current music: The night