She'd awakened to the barest hint of music, and the unmistakable sound of a portal closing. She'd only gotten the barest glimpse of her husband as he disappeared through the bardic portal. With a cry, she sat bolt upright.


She was way too late, he was already gone and the portal closed. Green on black eyes closed momentarily as she took air deeply into her lungs to calm herself and steady her mind. The nightmares had been getting to her, and she'd been doing her best to hide that fact. One hand pressed to her brow, as the other fell back to support her weight.
The young woman blinked when her fingers brushed over paper. The light was turned on as the note was drawn out from under the pillow, and she read.

Dearest HLM,

Don't be afraid...I've heard you at night with your nightmares ... you sometimes even talk during them. I'm sorry I'm not there to comfort you through them. I don't know exactly what might be causing them, but I have a disturbing notion that it has something to do with Tiernan. I won't stand for that. I'm leaving this morning early so that I can suss things out in Underhill. Please don't worry, I won't do anything stupid. Kame and Angelo both will be helping out at Ricardo's while I'm gone...I'll try to be back as soon as possible. Watch the kids, and keep me informed if Revelyn senses anything. I love you, Mo ... more than life itself.

Take care...

Love, Klork

"Oh gods..." she whispered quietly. "Oh, baby..."

She brought the paper to her lips, and kissed his name before pressing it to her chest as a tear escaped her eye.

She'd just missed him, and she hated that fact.

A quiet message arose from her mind, directed to his, across time and reality. "Be safe, baby...I promise I'll take care of things over here...love you with all my heart."

Her head turned at the tiny cry from the nursery, and she gently set the note aside as she pulled on her robe. With another quiet, resigned sigh, she padded out to take care of her children. Heart, body and soul, she hoped she'll be able to see her husband again...

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