Sleep. She wanted nothing more than sleep.

Ok, so maybe a night with her lover Underhill and THEN sleep.

Mmm...nekkid sleep...

She shook her head as she went over inentory as she sat at the counter at Seven Rays Books.

Over-tired and horny...sick, sad and pathetic.

"Ah...Mother Mary, what are you thinking this fine eve? Such a smirk you wear!"

The small woman did not jump at the sudden voice; she'd felt his presence before she'd heard his voice. Instead, she simply raised her blue-grey gaze. "None of your business, Mr. Durden, and I ain't no mother. You want anything in particular, or just me again?"

His chuckle was deep as his velvet black eyes were cocky. "You know me well. I've a need of a few of your older tomes on the darker arts, if I may."

Grey took over the blue with suspicion as she looked him over. "Why?"

A dark brow arched. "Do you often question your elders, child?"

She snorted delicately. "Didn't work with my parents, won't work with you, Sir Geriatric."

The arrogant eyes turned amused. "My little witch, you have such a way with words."

"Yeah, yeah, quit dodgin' the question."

"Why need you know? Do you not trust me?"

"In reverse order: no, and see previouse answer." She leant on her elbows on the counter and looked into the depths of darkness within the vampire's eyes, her own snapping to a sharp green.

"You are not going to allow me access until I tell you why I have need of it."

"Wow! I'm dealin' with a real Einstien here! What was yer first guess?"

"Now, child..."

"Call me that again," her eyes glittered with sudden temper, "and I WILL hog-tie ya, and find a nice greenhouse ta leave ya in."

"You wouldn't..."

"Wanna bet?"

He sighed. "Very well...I simply wish to help a gentleman help one of his friends turn back from being Kindred."

Her turn to arch a brow. "Ya mean ta tell me you've lived HOW long, and ya still don't know how to return someone's mortality? Shit, man...I know it takes a hell of a lot outa a person, but, Christ, I'd think it woulda come up at least once by now..."

"That I know." He scowled. "Do not insult my intelligence."

"Didn't I already do that?"

He opened his mouth to retort, but then blinked and scowled at her again.

THe young Witch grinned wickedly.

"Hmph. In any case, her problem goes beyond simply pushing the vampirism back."


His gaze traveled over her measuringly. "Most mortals would neither believe me, nor be able to handle it if I told them."

The Sahara was a rainforest in comparison to the look she granted him. "yeah, Tyler, I run at the glimps of dyed hair. Golly gee."

A soft chuckle rumbled from his throat. "Ah yes, sometimes I forget you are not as innocent as you appear."

She snickered. "That's me. The virgin Mary. Shame her son's conception came without the sex. Missed all the fun. Now about this chick..."

"Yes...this 'chick', as you so eloquently put it; has a bit of a demonic side to her as well. She wishes to regain her mortality, and her young man wishes to help her."

"And you wanna help him."


"What's in it fer you?"

His eyes picked up a glitter of their own. "Have you ever made love to a succubus? Tasted their blood?"

"Not my type, and I'm kinky, but not THAT kinky."

He snorted. "Indeed. You do not know what you are missing."

She looked back to her inventory list with a smirk. "Yep, don't give a damn, either."

"A shame..."

"...anyway, you'd make a foold of yourself begging to watch, anyway."

Another chuckle. "I'd wager you've never had a vampire, either."

"Nope, and if I decide to leave my man for one, you wouldn't be him."

"Such a heartbreaker, little Witch."

"Mmhmm...we need more Anise..."

"Yes. About those books..."

"Sorry, sold out." She glanced up just to see the indignant look in his eyes.

"You know better than to lie to me, my dear. I have been wishing for a taste of your Power for quite a while now..."

"You just wanna get high offa the chemicals floating around in me; yer foolin' no one. We'll get a shipment in next Thursday. Come back then and mebbe I'll have somethin' fer ya."

"I see." He paused, then smiled, fangs peeking from between his lips. "And my offer to share a bed?"

"Sex-starved bastard."

"I take that as a no."

"Zactly what it was meant as."

"One of these night..."

"Doubtful. BYE, Tyler."

Perfectly manecured hands slide into jeans pockets. "And THAT would be a dismissal."

"Damn straight, got work ta do, and unlike some people," she looked up with a smirk, "it doesn't involve sucking on people."

He laughed. "Crude, my dear, crude."

"You know it."

"Enjoy your night, then Miss Magdelene."

"You, too."

"And do take care of that hand, you would not want those stitches popping, now would you?"

She blinked a little. "Heh...will do. Thanks fer tha concern."

"Of course. I could always heal it for you." He reached over the counter to take her bandaged hand in his, drew it to his lips and gently kissed it. "Among other things." The smile was charming.

Her voice went soft, smooth. "Tyler?"

His eyes met hers. "Yes?"

She leaned over the counter, gaze intense. "Knock it off." She pulled her hand away, sat back, and looked back to her paperwork.

Tyler blinked, then sighed with a smirk. "Very well. Farewell, Mary."

"See ya."

The bell over the door dinged cheerfully as the vampire took his leave and the witch closed the store.

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