A small figure sat huddled in a blanket. From behind, one might think a child sat there, or given the fantastic surroundings of Underhill, an oversized, wingless faery. Upon closer examination, however, one would find a very tiny, delicately statured young woman. The copper and red highlighted brown hair fell, full with loose curles to slender shoulders under the blanket as contemplative grey eyes gazed over the primeval forest outside her window.

The webbed sheilds Aidan had cast over both Kevley's mannor and the villiage sparkled gold amidst the silver twinkling of the stars. Grey eyes flickered to blue as they rose to pay respect to the harvest moon.

"Great Goddess," she murmered in a soft voice, tone sweet, but lacking the customary strange humor. "Through whatever change, you are my constant." She sighed softly. "THis is a truely beautiful place, but so different from what I'm used to. SO much magick! So few ghosts...except for that one..." She shuddered. "I've come up against stronger, and dirtier, I guess...but this one...this one had such greed...it's hard to believe that anything like that could ever exist in the first place..." She squeezed her eyes shut. "Even after bathing and Cleansing myself, I can still feel him. If I could get among nature and the power there, I could finally rid myself of him...I still need to find a way to repay this kindness...guess something will get figured out..."

Her eyes, when opened next, were gold. She hummed softly and gazed at the sheilding again. She sent her own silvered power to compliment Aidan's and strengthen the web even more.

current mood: lonely
current music: Silence