Random Rooms

These are rooms where RPs were taken in order to allow other RPs to take place in the main chan. This is seperate because a lot of the times these RPs involved more that two players taking part, unlike PMs where only two players ARE acting the story out.

1-11-02 - Wing, Klork, Diana and Nox head upstate to try finding Shingami, which they do...along with battle a bear, 

1-13-02 - Wing, Klork, Diana and Nox comfort Shin as best they can and convince her to come home

2-10-02 - Logan, Shin, Wing, Syan, and Nox continue to search for Diana, Klork, Devnet and Keelin in Underhill

2-11-02 - Underhill folkses're reunited 'n some healed

3-22-02 - Mitch, Diana 'n Rislyn all get to Underhill on their quest to save Kevley from Diana's son...

3-23-02 - aaand the mission gets wrapped up!

4-12-02 - Where Elyce took Ryu and Rev, and the aftermath

4-13-02 - Wing gets interrogated, 'n redecorates his cell, Nox goes on a creep out fest 'n gets examined 'n branded 'n whatnot, Shin 'n Diana's mental conversation

4-13-02 - Nox's rescue