RP Logs 2002
Diana and HLM bein' all pensive

Uhm, yep...continuing into 2002 *G*

1-6-02 - Devnet brings herbs needed to cure Keelin's Iron Sickness

1-7-02 - Merc and Diana talk about the shoot out, bounty hunters come after Keelin and Dev, something is found out about Keelin

1-8-02 - Merc, Diana, Brenna and HLM do lunch, Shiva loses it, Shin runs away, Klork, HLM and Kame search for her in the city, then SHIVA runs away, Klork and Diana search for her

1-9-02 - Klork and HLM talk about Brenna and the babies, Keelin and Dev head off for Underhill

1-10-02 - Planning starts for the rescue mission for Shin, Syan shows up (fresh meat! BWAHAH!!!)

1-11-02 - Kame meets Syan, Wing, Klork, Diana and Nox head off to search for Shin, Klork and Kame torture Merc

1-13-02 - Mondo pays a visit, Wing 'n co. return

1-14-02 - Nox and Syan chat before Syan goes exploring, Wing gives him something to help with Nox's infection, Angelo and Kame make an appearance

1-16-02 - Why not to give the Angel of Death  sugar, same goes for the Angel of Life *snickersnort* Just a...very strange evening

1-17-02 - Shin's back to "normal", Klork comes down with a bug, Merc gets tortured a little before HLM heads to bed

1-20-02 - Syan and Nox get to know each other better (later take advantage of the fireplace), Wing and Shin go through the last stigmata, Kame and HLM have a heart to heart, Klork shows off his electric personality to Merc

1-21-01 - Red and TN come back from...wherever they went...and meet Brenna, then share some news, Diana finds out she needs surgery

1-22-02 - Shin goes Chibi...AGAIN...

1-23-02 - Diana has her surgery, Klork and Kern work out, Nox takes Shin to a peaceful place to try helping her find a peaceful place to find herself, Myrae finds more out about human pregnancy

1-24-02 - Keelin and Devnet return from Underhill, Klork and HLM find out about Keelin losing her baby

1-25-01 - We find out what Klork is like drunk *snicker*, Myrae and HLM go for a walk to the store

1-26-02 - Magneto pays a visit, Taurus shows up and befriends Shin, HLM, Klork and Brenna spend some family time together

1-29-02 - VertigoFox returns, he, Wing and Evy meet Brenna, Red's just...gross, Wing and Evy chat

1-30-02 - Just the end of a day of work *shrug* Nothin' exciting

1-31-02 - Syan gets shot at and hurt, payed a visit to the hospital

2-1-02 - Shin and Taurus catch a movie, Klork 'n HLM relax after putting Brenna to bed

2-3-02 - Shin babysits Brenna for a bit, Shin and Taurus argue about his chosen occupation, Red shares some news with HLM, Klork makes use of the hot-tub

2-4-02 - Erwyl shows up to cause trouble, find something troubling out about Rae

2-5-02 - Aria shows up, Teirnan captures Klork, Diana, Devnet and Keelin, Kame and the rest back at the Asylum try to figure out a way to help them

2-6-02 - More talk on how to go about  the rescue mission

2-7-02 - Wing and Aria talk about the ways of life and death, Wing, Syan, Nox and Logan head off to try finding Shin, Diana, Klork and Keelin

2-8-02 - Aria and HLM chat, the Underhill group find a friend

2-9-02 - Aria gets captured, David gets killed, heehee...HLM gets to fight!

2-10-02 - Mondo finds out about where Diana is, and gets in contact with her mentally, Mondo and Kern check out a crime scene, Mondo interrogates a lying wittness, Keelin returns, Dev awakens

2-11-02 - Keelin learns what a microwave is, the Asylum has a "visitor", followed shortly by the police, Klork, Diana and the rescue party finally return

2-12-02 - Darien Fox is introduced, Kern  has a slight run in with Merc, Klork and Kame catch up, later HLM and Diana join them

2-13-02 - General chatting, Red and TN share their good news

2-14-02 - Klork cooks, Angelo (finally) proposes to Kame, Valentines are exchanged, Teirnan pays Diana a visit, and Kevley is introduced to the Asylum

2-15-02 - Merc and Diana fight, Mondo shows up right after the fight, Diana tells Mondo about her pregnancy, Darien shows up to tell about what's wrong with Merc before they take Diana to the hospital, Dev finally comes downstairs, lotsa mental conversations go on

2-16-02 - the beginning of Logan and Merc's fight (it's continued in a PM), Diana and Shin chat, Wing helps Diana, before HLM puts Wing to bed and Shin puts Diana to bed

2-17-02 - Theirrey pays Shin a visit, Keelin and Kevley have a pretty big fight, a mysteriouse breifcase shows up, Shingami goes off to save Aria, Kevley stumbles upon them, a big start fights up and Klork and Diana join them, Vert shows his new powers to HLM and Klork, babies move for the first time

2-18-02 - food's made, Emer meets Brenna, Keelin and Kevley have ANOTHER fight, and endtable becomes suprisingly active, Raph makes a cameo appearance, Dev finds Keelin to comfort her, Jaerlani shows up, Klork finds out what's wrong with Diana

2-19-02 - Jaerlani learns more about the people in the Asylum, VF brightens the mood for a bit, we find out Dai's missing, Shin and Jaer go to a club, where Shin gets wasted, Klork, Kame and HLM go off to rescue Dai, Rislyn shows up, Kev and Diana go for a bit of a walk, Mitch makes his entrance

2-20-02 - We find out the fate of the Avon lady, Klork, Aria, HLM and Brenna go shopping, with ugly consequences, Kevley and Jaerlani learn that swords and televisions don't work well together, Mitch wakes up, Lana shows up, Mitch FREAKS, once he calms down, he chats with a few people, Kevley gets his just desserts for laughing at Jaer earlier, Jaer and Shin go shopping for a new TV, Klork and Diana end up fighting Teirnan on the astral plane, Kevley shows some of his depression

2-21-02 - Mitch, Shin and Aria chat, Mitch gets his first taste of telepathy, poor guy then meets Merc (a suprise he survived that), Shin and Merc get drunk, who later gets tortured, much to the amusment of Klork, Devnet and Keelin

2-22-02 - Merc and Diana chat, Mitch meets Iris, Merc and Brenna color together, Brenna and Klork do the father-daughter thing, Merc, Shin, Diana, Jaerlani, Aria and Mitch go to break up a FoH rally after Aria has a premonition, Klork joins them later, Kevley returns home after having a run-in with a gun weilding bigot, Dev and Rae do what they can for him, Diana makes stir-fry, which is later eaten by all, Diana and Rislyn have a chat, Ris takes care of Kev's bandages while Kame and HLM go to talk to Diana

2-23-02 - Jira returns home, Shin helps Mitch move out of his apartment

2-24-02 - Rislyn meets more people, the DAMN BOBBING BIRD shows up, Teirnan is faught and defeated (or IS he? *dramatic music*), Angora attacks and kicks EVERYONE'S butts, then doesn't remember it

2-25-02 - Pete, Tom and Stacie...uh...commune...HLM does the mom thing, Mitch...sleeps! So do Aria, HLM and Brenna! ...aand...they wake up...Stacie has a mental chat with HLM, intimidation of a coffeepot takes place, Mitch 'n Shin chat, Angora wakes up 'n chats with people, Shin and Mitch uh...argue...sorta..., coffee pot mouths off to Diana before being anialated by Kame (Don't ask...prob'ly safer if you don't know)

2-27-02 - the bobbing bird saga continues, Gregg pays a visit, Diana and Mitch chat, Shingami and Mitch chat, and we find that pizza deliveries can be one hell of a lot more dangerouse than we originally thought

2-28-02 - Shin goes to talk to the police about the bombing, Mitch and Diana chat, Mitch meets Myrae and Kernunose

3-1-02 - Diana breaks up with Mondo, Jaerlani, Merc and Aria get into an argument, Mondo has a veeeddy weird dream, Nox comforts Mondo

3-2-02 - Mondo chats with Iris and Nox after having a weird dream, Diana and Merc chat before she goes to Times Square with Mitch, Mondo and Shin chat, then Angora attacks and puts Diana in the hospital as well as exhausting pretty much everyone else in the Asylum, Aria gets kidnapped during the fight

3-3-02 - Nox 'n Mondo watch the news, Mitch visits Diana in the hospital when she wakes up, Diana calls home chats a bit with folks there, Jaerlani offends Mondo, Ezaraudin guy shows up, Syan meets him, as he communes with Nox, Iris and Mondo chat all happily, Klork and HLM come home, who then go to visit Diana, Aria comes home with Shin, Shin visits the cops, cops pay a visit to the Asylum, Klork brings Diana home, Klork wakes Mitch up in his own inimitable fasion, Stacie rises HLM's suspicions, Jaer torments some kids, Klork goes for a swim *purr*, Stacie and Mondo chat, then HLM and Mondo chat

3-4-02 - The rat-saga...CONTINUES, HLM brings Mitch his piccies, HLM scares the crap outa a Jehova's Wittness *cackles*, buncha mystical hunters of some kind show up on the doorstep breifly, Brenna and Mitch meet while something Jaer summoned decides the wreke havok on the pool, Klork and Angora have a bickering match, Rislyn goes NUTS, Mondo and Angora bicker, Klork and HLM catch up while the two do so, Klork also gives HLM a massage, thus making him worthy of worship, Mondo learns what it takes to get a cookie, and he and Kern become...friends

3-5-02 - Klork tries pulling the ol' whip cream in the hand trick on HLM, fails *G*, makes her fruit salad and talks about the pool getting re-filled, Shiva drives Ladon nuts as he tries painting after Klork 'n HLM go bed, Mondo and Shiva catch up

3-6-02 - Merc chats with HLM and Brenna, Mitch meets Bill, the Asylum sniper, Merc says hi to Diana, Merch then confiiiides in HLM, the rat-saga reaches a bloody end, Stacie gets in a fight with Mitch, then with HLM, Aria scares Brenna shitless, Jaer and Mondo go shopping, Mitch 'n HLM chat, the Wal-Mart ghost attacks the Asylum, Stacie meets with Mondo, 'n they have a night out...plotting and whatnot, Rica takes Aria shopping, Rica and Mitch come to an understanding about the jiggly bra, Mondo and Shiva chat

3-7-02 - Aria and HLM chat, Aria tries talking to the terrified Brenna, but doesn't do such a hot job of it

3-8-02 - Mondo wakes up on the ceiling and Merc comes down to share his just awakened cheeriness with all, there's a pretty nasty crash just down the street, Merc gets arrested, Mondo almost does, but just ends up Wanted, Diana gives Mitch his very first magic lesson, Neil O'Connor is introduced, he talks to Mitch and Mo (lookin' for Merc), Mitch 'n Aria head to NYU, bit of background reveiled about Mondo's past, Shin visits the police station, Aria gets involved with a church choir, followed by a church shoot out with Torres and his boy-es, Mondo and Shiva chat. There's a gap in time (as this controller hadda turn the comp off), Shiva and Mondo chat MORE, then go sleep.

3-9-02 - Cala gets chased by a baddie, Mondo, HLM 'n the kids commune, Mondo goes off the play hero when there's screaming, Oikawa and his friend shows up, Wing 'n Mitch go out to search, they talk about Wing 'n Shin's past while at it, Monisima shows up, gets interrogated, Correy shows back up, Mitch visits Diana and gets some good herbal pain killer *G*

3-10-02 - Cala wakes up in Mondo's bed, HLM gives Mondo some TLC since he was on the couch, Cala meets some of the Asylumites, Mondo visits Diana, Mitch and Moni commune, a big fight ensues, things calm down...get cleaned up...Aria tries making peace with Brenna, and fails miserably.

3-11-02 - Diabheid shows up, Aria, Cala and Moni "chat", Mitch 'n Moni comune, too, Moni gets a room, Aria again tries to win Brenna over as Klork 'n Mo chat, Mo 'n Klork walk in on Aria and Brenna...Klork has a chat with Brenna, as Wing calls from the hospital, Mitch meets Evy, the OTHER four armed wonder *G*, Kame comes to pay a visit...with FOOD, as usual ;), Evy and Aria chat, as Mo 'n Klork enjoy dinner with Kame, now that I read along...so does everyone else! ...except Mitch and Moni who beat a hasty retreat...there's lotsa fun none-verbals, and verbals, goin' on between Mo and Aria *G* Mo 'n Brenna visit Shin in the hospital

3-12-02 - Mo 'n Cala chat, then, later on, Mo returns to find Shin's...spirit...on the ceiling. o O Mitch...tries playing peace-maker between Mo 'n Aria, Mitch catches up to Aria before she goes dashing into the city to bring Shin back to her body, Shiva and Cala chat, too...then Moni and Mo *is suddenly reminded of an old 80s song*

3-13-03 - Mitch tries practicing magic...goes to take a break and chats with Mo instead as Brenna colors, we find out just why Mo shouldn't go into the Postal Business, Mitch and Moni chat yet again, as Mondo has breakfast with Mo 'n Brenna, Mitch 'n Cala chat, Mo joins the conversation, Klork returns home and treats his daughter to dead fish, Mondo and Cala chat, Klork pulls a dirty trick on Evy...then just gets just plain dirty in suggesting how she clean up. *G* Klork THEN scares the shit outa Mitch. Lotsa conversation ensues

3-14-02 - Mondo 'n Cala go out to meet Stacie to do a job, Syan shows off his new bike to Nox, Mitch and Mo relax in front of the fireplace, Syan then unnerves Mitch *sniggers*, Nox 'n Mitch chat, while Mondo has WAY too much fun flaunting his powers, 'n Syan sleeps in wolf form as Moni uses him as a pillow, Syan 'n Mitch then chat, using Nox as the go between, Devnet and Keelin mess around in the kitchen, Shin gets fed, Keelin shows off her...skill...as a hairdresser, they then play more, before mass chatting takes effect and everyone goes to bed o O

3-15-02 - Mondo gives Brenna ideas through annoying Mitch, Mondo then learns he needs to watch his mouth around kids *G*, his paranoia regarding Mitch then shows, Diana returns with Devnet from the doctor's, there's a lil' skip in time, Klork and Mitch try figuring out how to rig something to help Shin get around more easily as Mo fixes her food, Bitmod shows up 'n causes trouble! They capture him...Klork storms off 'n Mo follows...touching scene progresses...Bit escapes whilst Mo 'n Klork are stuck in traffic, Evy shows why it's a bad idea for her to drink, Evy shares her story, too, Mo 'n Cala torture Mondo

3-16-02 - some chatting in the living room, before Stacie's room gets rifled through, Cala and Shin go running errands, Aria finally talks to Mo, Klork comes home with bad news, peoples eat, conversation moves to lighter hearted stuff, Mitch comes to Shin's rescue

3-17-02 - Diabhead fixes Monisoma something to eat, Mitch goes through his newly aquired music collection before joining Iris and Brenna in their lesson instructed by Diana 'n Mo, Diana 'n Mitch then go for a walk, Syan fixes food for himself and Nox, Diana 'n Mitch visit her dojo, Mitch tells Diana about Mondo 'n Cala being together, Mo 'n Cala chat, Mitch 'n Cala argue, Aria and Mo chat, Mitch returns Shin's AK47, then they chat, Kame bes a baaaad baaaad girl...and is CAUGHT! Klork shows Kame his battle scar, Cala bitches at Mondo about the argument she and Mitch had and makes assumptions of her own, Keelin and Devnet make an appearance, Rislyn starts stuff with the Underhill folks, Mitch and Mondo get in a biiiig fight, Cala gets mouthy, Diana heals 'em, Mondo then runs off, while Kern helps Mitch inside, Diana goes in to recover while Mondo and Cala have a mushy seen

3-18-02 - Moni and Aria chat before Aria goes to the church with Mo, chronie of Cho's pesters Mo, she then heads home after the choir's doen (aka Aria's controller leaving) to give Mondo a talking to, Correy then searches for his hat *EG*, Shin and Mondo chat about what happened 'n Mitch, Keelin 'n Rislyn talk about Kevley, Mo fills Klork and Kame in the best she can, Klork shows his multitasking skeelz, Shin beats the hell outa Stacie, Aria's there for Mitch when he wakes up, Cala comes to talk about Stacie and Shin, then gets snippy when told to take it easy on Mo, Mo tells Klork and Kame about what happened at the church, Brenna talks to Kame about her dreams, Kame then takes her to visit Angelo and pick up something to help her with said dreams, Klork and Kame play a game with Brenna...which gets changed into playing a game with Aria *G*, Kame goes to help Mitch with his pain, Shin goes to and comes back from the hospital, Shin then pays Mitch a visit, Klork stops Kame from getting into trouble, Kame and Mo then gang up on tormenting poor Klork, Cala and Mondo chat

3-19-02 - Diana finally starts coming around, Mo pays Mitch a visit, Merc gets tortured, Mitch visits Diana, Wing tells of the horrors of Girl Scouts, a meeting gets held to straighten some stuff out (hopefully), ends with a touching scene between Mondo and Mo

3-20-02 - Klork 'n Mo watch the sunset, then speak with and torment Mondo, find out Kevley is missing, Brenna 'n Puddles play, lotsa chatting goes on, Puddles goes foot hunting, folks prepare to head Underhill to rescue Kevley

3-21-02 - Mitch and Aria chat about thier respective trips, Mitch finds and removes the implant in Aria's neck, Mondo angsts, then gets attacked by a mutant cat Kame feeds Rica and Aria, Cala dies, Rica and Aria learn more about Rislyn

3-22-02 - Neko and the doc talk, Diana and Mitch talk, Diana and Mitch find Mondo and take him to the hospital, they tehn take him home...on the way, they see Cala being loaded into a body bag, Mitch goes to investigate, they find out Cala wasn't pregnant, and Mitch, Diana and Rislyn all head Underhill, Mondo talks about what happened with Neko















































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