RPG Logs
HLM, should she let her hair grow out, and Diana as a vamp.

Okies...here's a list of RP logs I have. This is basically for alla yous who're curiouse about the RP and either don't want to join in, want to see what you'd be getting yourself into, or are just curiouse as to what's so great about this place. I've editted all the OOC (Out Of Character) comments out of these. There are also holes in the RP because these are just my logs, and I can't be around 24/7 (and I've experienced quite a few technical difficulties since the beginning of this room). If anyone has any logs that will help fill up the holes, e-mail me at moronqueen@yahoo.com. I'm also including the non-NC17 rated PMs (Private Messages, which the other characters in the RP wouldn't know what went on in unless told otherwise), just for the hell of it (A link to the PM page is at the bottom of this one, and the individual PMs will be linked within the logs themselves). I'm not editting out the swear words 'cause this isn't strictly a family channel. Just so y'all know. ^-^

HEH...also as a warning, these are all pretty long, with a few exceptions. I'm thinking of somehow splitting them up into seperate smaller logs in the future. :)

ALSO, if you want to RP after reading this, it would be greatly appreciated if your character wouldn't know everything that went on since the beginning of the RP. Keep it realistic folks.

8-25-01 - Kame comes by for a visit, they discover's Kame's newest fetish *snigger*, she tells about her latest man trouble, Klork gets a blast from the past in the form of the Vampire chick who wants to jump his bones (WOO), big fight ensues, Diana shares a secret with Klork

8-28-01 - Kame and HLM chat, Diana soaks in the hot tub for a while, as does Mondo, Ech shows up, Mondo tries cheering Kame up, Klork works on paperwork, he and HLM then commune. Klork tells HLM about Angelo, Kame's new boy-toy. Musoko pays a visit...not the warmest of receptions. HLM gets Kame someplace safe, then chats with her, before Kame takes her leave.

8-30-01 - HLM has a VERY bad day at work, which she explains when Kame gets there (FOH just suck). Tension baby! ...but Merc enjoys it. Kame and Diana go out to find Angelo...Klork later joins them...a big fight ensues...the four return home where they get stitched and bandaged up before collectively passing out.

8-31-01 - Peoples recover from the day before, Diana returns from a not so great day at work, Klork dozes, 'n HLM finds out why he purrs for her, Diana and others go to rescue Charon, Kame cooks dinner! (Mmmm) Jae gives Diana a massage once they return, and Zoi exposes his crush (ehehehe) before Diana heads off to bed.

9-9-01 - Diana takes Jae's breath away with some Yoga. HLM and Kame chat, Klork and HLM try cheering Kame up once HLM's out of the shower, Zack flips and fights both HLM and Diana. HLM gets drawn away to help take care of an injured Kame. Amish Porn is BORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Klork, HLM and Mondo go off to kick Muso's sorry lil' ass. Muso ends up unconsiouse and hurting in the bushes, and Klork ends up in the hospital. HLM gets worried sick and ends up staying over night in said hospital.

9-15-01 - Big ol' fight between Diana and Zack's evil side.

9-16-01 - Peaceful day...Klork and HLM play in the water, Diana and Zoi go to the beauty salon and Ladon hits on Rica, who's got the flu. Can you take the excitement?

9-17-01 - Heart to hearts, belching contests, info gathering missions, meat-sauce and all kindsa sexual innuendos. Who could ask for anything more?

9-18-01 - Mondo and Shiva are greatly relieved at a bit of news, Mondo swears off sex, and HLM and Klork share some news of their own

9-19-01 - Kame, Thera and Mondo learn about Klork and HLM's engagement, while everyone else plays in the water, and HLM gets to meet her future mother-in-law. Mondo begins to learn how to deal with his mutation, and himself, a little more easily. A new person comes in, and the group finds out the Grim Reaper is a hellova lot shorter than everyone would think he is.

9-20-01 - Heh...yep...sparring and hot-tub stuff....pretty peaceful

9-21-01 - News galor *G* Kame's this time...and a lil' assisted heart to heart with her lover, while Diana and Mondo plot in the workout room. Rica's fiancée also makes an appearance. Sorry bois, she's not single. ;) Mondo gets revenge, and Candy pays the Asylum a visit.

9-22-01 - The resident pyrokinetic shows off for the resident pyromaniac. *G*

9-23-01 - Wedding plans...and HFM shows up breifly! Confusing guy, him...Klork being WEIRD...the things that man go do with portals *shudders* Scarin' the shit outa Mondo

9-24-01 - Frightening Mondo again, and another mission for Diana and Ladon, and later, a fight. Mondina makes an appearance *G*

9-25-01 - Lisette shows up to try claiming Klork again.

9-27-01 - Diana's forced into killing a friend, and pushed over the edge

9-28-01 - Klork and HLM do some more planning for their wedding and Diana comes down to share her depression.

10-1-01 - Diana casts the spell to put her vampirism into hybernation, scaring the crap outa everyone in the Asylum. Things get nasty and a huge fight ensues after Klork storms off and causes a 6 car pileup. <G>

10-2-01 - Zack shows up again

10-4-01 - Just some talking and joking around. Picked on pop icons and Klork <GGG>

10-5-01 - HLM learns of her distant past, Emer gets introduced to the Asylum and Diana and Mondo's romance begins to blossom

10-6-01 - Diana and Mondo chat, Merc gets tortured with ice *demented cackle*, HLM and Klork make out (a lot) and Jae and Diana have a chat before they call it a night.

10-7-01 - More or less more talking, Mondo and Diana head out on a date

10-9-01 - HLM and Klork being silly after work and before bed

10-10-01 - Kim is introduced, Kim and HLM get into a lil' altercation with Billy, then Kim gives Klork the LITTLE RED BOOK

10-11-01 - Diana and Zack have a talk, Billy's thwarted and another rat takes residence up in the Asylum (Nezumi has a cru-ush, Nezumi has a cru-ush!)

10-12-01 - Splinter uhm...kinda...dies breifly *shrug* HLM and Klork talk some heavy stuff breifly

10-13-01 - Merc's first day at the Barstage, TN and HLM talk about HLM's upcoming wedding, Klork and HLM play around a little

10-14-01 - Mal and HLM have a "fang" talk

10-15-01 - HLM and Klork play around some more, Mondo and Billy almost break out into a fight, then Mondo goes to the doctor for his nasty cold

10-18-01 - HLM and Merc talk about work, Kim shows up, Shing shares a big secret with HLM, Klork shares some new news

10-19-01 - A rude awakening for HLM, Shing TN and HLM then talk about HLM's dancing past and Wing dressed in drag, Jae makes super-hot chili while HLM and Klork watch Tarzan,

10-20-01 - Wedding stuffs get planned, Klork gives HLM a pre-wedding gift, Klork's delusions of HLM being a sack of potatoes are shattered, they both then find their horomones need to be cooled down, just silliness all around

10-21-01 - Klork dabbles with his fiddle, Diana and Mondo do a lil' dancing, HLM and Klork talk about kids as well as HLM's previouse childbirthing, they then play in the hot tub and pool, Kame and Angelo then pay the Asylum a visit

10-22-01 - Klork makes foods for HLM, Kame and the rest (smoooootheiiiiiiis), Billy goes house-robbin', Kame gets sick, Billy meets Correy (Rica's fiancée)

10-23-01 - Mal learns a valuable lesson about fighting drunks, HLM tortures Klork a bit before they wrassle, Diana and Mondo have a talk, very peaceful night

 10-24-01 - Just the end of an aparently very long day for Klork, Mondo, HLM and Diana

10-25-01 - Klork makes his CREAM sauce *G*, the punching bag gets beaten up and HLM gives a lil' gymnastics show, Angelo gets talked about by Kameko, HLM and Klork

10-26-01 - Klork, Kame and HLM chat a little while Diana and Mondo talk in Diana's room, Mondo aaaalmost gets a lil' peep show ;)

10-27-01 - Klork and HLM's wedding!

11-1-01 - Kim, Mondo and Diana hang out

11-4-01 - peaceful night

11-6-01 - Reaver and Kim chat, Shin and Wing have a confrontation with Zeus, which blows up into a big ol' fight, TN and Rica chat

11-8-01 - Zeus ('eh...no, not the Greek God, just some guy with powers) and Diana have it out, after wards Rica and Diana chat

11-9-01 - lotsa newcomers, Maelstrom Vertigo shows up, as do Logan, Jira, Evan and Murasami, Billy gets shot by the FoH

11-10-01 - Maelstrom, Diana and Ladon chat, Billy finds out it's a bad idea to jump off buildings when you can't fly, Syretta shows up and cleans the fridge right off the bat, FoH guy tries to cause trouble and dies for his efforts, HLM and Klork return from their honeymoon, they share news, Flea and her baby are introduced to the Asylum, Syretta and Maelstrom chat

11-11-01 - Klork and HLM cuddle a little and chat, the baby(ies) purr for the first time, Klork then makes sketti and meat...sauce, which then leads to some playing overall playing and random chatting

11-12-01 - Bit of food talk, Klork and Logan meet for the first time, Billy gets sicker

11-15-01 - Klork gets some horrible news about his adoptive father, Zeus causes trouble, Billy gets really sick, Ladon flirts with Rica, HLM has some really bad morning sickness of the all-day variety

11-16-01 - Billy dies, Klork makes his meat...sauce, Flea and Syretta watch Anna, Charon gives HLM an ultrasound and find some interesting things out, Zeus plots, Spinner Slayer shows up

11-17-01 - Red and HLM chat

11-18-01 - Klork runs on the treadmill while HLM does a Tai Chi workout before they both go to bed

11-20-01 - Klork serenades as he jogs on the treadmill, Diana fixes stir-fry, Klork and HLM find out just how many babies she's carrying

11-21-01 - Klork's TRUE identity is descovered, Billy dies, Klork, Diana and HLM discuss what to do next, Red gives Kame a run for her money for the nickname "Coffee Monster" w/ an unlikely medium, he then gets very...frightning

11-22-01 - Thanksgiving Dinner, Mondo gets a tattoo, Diana and Mondo catch up on current events

11-23-01 - Sammy and Emer get to know each other better, HLM and Emer then have pizza together

11-24-01 - HLM and Klork share elements of thier pasts with each other

11-25-01 - Hehe...sheer silliness, HLM shows off some of her dancing skeels

11-26-01 - Klork gets injured at work, he, HLM and Red chat

11-27-01 - Klork and HLM chat, as do Red and Diana before the first two watch a movie

11-29-01 - Evy makes a dramatic entrance, she swaps stories with Klork and HLM

11-30-01 - HLM, Klork, and Diana have dinner before Klork and HLM go to the doc's to get a checkup

12-3-01 - HLM and Klork curl up in front of a fire after being out in the cold, Shin later comes in from shopping and chats with them, then argues with Diana about the cold (COLD BAD), Mic is introduced, Evy pays a visit (blows up some more tupperwear during the lil' conversation)

12-4-01 - Shing shares news of her new job, Red, Shin and HLM talk about the evils of shopping, Klork orders Chinese and shares Irish jokes and quotes from a book he got from Angelo, Mondo makes tacos 'n hangs out with Diana and Shin, Jira is sorta depressed, Echartea visits

12-5-01 - Klork comes home with a Christmas Tree, Myrae shows up

12-6-01 - Klork and Diana decorate the tree while explaining the whole concept of Christmas to Shiva, more is found out about Myrae and her people, and she learns more about the landed world, Klork and HLM talk about the babies

12-7-01 - Rae and Shin tell about their days, Shin talks about her past, HLM and Klork make out *G* (as usual)

12-8-01 - Merc is STRANGE (as usual) and tortured (as usual again) just before HLM heads back to work, Myrae makes progress in getting more used to this world, Kernunose, Nox and Iris show up

12-9-01 - Wing gets beaten up by a book weilding Shin, more is learned about Kernunose, Nox and Iris, Shin takes Kern for a flight to find out a little more about how he and the other two got there, Myrae yells at Klork (ehehehe), Kern and Rae get to know each other better via a history lesson, Evy finds out a new power

12-10-01 - Another history lesson for Kern, Rae goes through a change, Ladon gets hurt, Nox and Iris have breakdowns

12-11-01 - Klork proves that cats don't ALWAYS land on their feet, Kame meets Kern and Iris, Shin and Nox go for a flight, Angelo proposes to Kame ;)

12-13-01 - Kern is intorduced to the mysteries of the modern kitchen, Rae gets a not so great letter, Klork and HLM reminice, Merc is...strange...as usual

12-14-01 - HLM and Shin have a heart to heart, Myrae's betrothed shows up (pisses Diana off *G*), fun fight happens, Diana goes all toothy again

12-15-01 - Mondo finds out about what happened with the fight the day before, HLM cleans, Kame makes apple pie (oh the comments I could make), Evan finds out the finer points of frostbite (and light poles), Diana and Shin chat about their variouse situations, Kern gets a neck rub from Death herself

12-16-01 - Diana and Shin talk before Kern comes down to chat a little as well

12-17-01 - Puddles in brought into the Asylum, Jaquie shows up, Erwyl pays a visit or two

12-18-01 - Klork and Shin chat, Diana runs into Mondo and his friends in Central Park, the Asylum is pretty quiet

12-19-01 - Diana tries getting rid of the vamp within, Mondo shows some powers, Mondo and Shin go hunting for a snack for Diana, after she feeds, she and Mondo cuddle, Klork listens to his and HLM's unborn children

12-20-01 - Wing 'n HLM talk about Diana's situation, making Klork uncomfortable before dark forces make themselves known by stealing HLM's mind (such as it is), allies are made and a rescue mission ensues

12-21-01 - We find out about Ladon's fear of rats, something strange is going on with Wing and Shin, Erwyl makes another appearance, Rae's been keeping a seeeeecret, Klork and HLM get taken

12-22-01 - Mondo finds out about what happened the night before, but he cheers HLM up, and they play around a little by the hottub, Mondo makes a new friend outa Iris, over-all, it's a sad day, Shin puts some extra protection on the two little ones still within HLM's womb, Diana gets bad news, Gregg (the Grim Reaper) pays another visit, Merc reaffirms his strangeness, and Diana gets the chance to play with his mind

12-23-01 - HLM fills Merc and Ladon in on what's been going on, ern...HLM gives Kame a facial...I think...(*HLM thinks her controller needs to tighten a few loose screws up there*), Kame then gets filled in, too

12-24-01 - HLM and Klork exchange some early X-Mas gifts, lots of kissing goes on under mistltoe, Kern and Rae play in the snow, a monster pays the asylum a visit

12-25-01 - presants exchanged all around (Heh! Yeah, some aren't really described...I kinda lost the PMs that described them *sheepish grin*...also trying to figure out why some of the lines didn't show up at all...)

12-26-01 - Shin and Wing come back from visiting family, Al brings Devnet and Keelin to the Asylum, the rescue mission begins

12-27-01 - Rescue mission is accomplished, unfortunately at great loss, Kame meets Brenna, Klork and Kame get in a biiiiiiiiiig fight

12-28-01 - Diana asks Klork for BIIIIIIG favor

12-29-01 - Diana inducts Klork into her clan and they do the blood binding ritual, becoming none-vamp, then Shin and Wing go through the crusifiction thing

12-30-01 - Nox and Iris get assaulted and saved by Keelin, Keelin gets attacked by a shadow monster thing, Diana saves her, the whole Asylum gets attacked by a fleet of the things, THEN there's a massive shoot out

12-31-01 - Mondo reveils to Diana that he's gonna need to move out, they then get very...erm...snuggly

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