The Story/Setting

For all of her life, HLM has been different. She wanted nothing more than to belong somewhere. Being what she is, she never really fit in, the only family she ever had being her mother. They day her mother was crushed in an earthquake, she thought she would never be able to smile again. Once her mother was buried, she moved back to New York City as soon as she could, rented an apartment and started working like mad. She stayed in that same apartment, living extremely frugally as she saved money for what, she knew not.

One day she met a young warrioress, who up until that day, was caught between realities, trying to find her way home. The dragon tattoos marking her arms and shoulders seeming to proclaim her strong spirit, the scars she bares proclaiming her martial prowess. The two became fast friends, and found they had a lot more in common than they thought they would. This young woman, Diana, came from a wealthy family that shoved her into boarding school after boarding school to avoid dealing with her. Her open personality and extreme interest in the martial arts caused her to stand out, making her a target for taunts and bullying. When she was torn from her home reality, she knew the life she was destined for had finally begun. After three long years of struggling to find her way home, she finally tumbled upon HLM.

Together, they came up with the idea of a boarding house for mutants and people not like humans. For several years, they shared one small apartment and worked various jobs, forsaking romance and social life to earn enough money to buy a lot and build a building for their dream. Finally, they succeeded, and thus, the Asylum was born.


Setting: Huge, multi-leveled building full of private bedrooms and bathrooms. The first level is mostly the public room. It has a main kitchen for everyone, big living room and a training room with hot tub connected. At the moment, the rooms are rough, but have the potential for great comfort. The roof has walls around it and a pool which is open in the summer, covered in the winter. Both stairways and elevators connect the different levels, and evacuation plans are posted in case of a fire or other emergency. The building is protected magically with wards and shields against threatening humans and other groups. There is also a mild illusion to make it seem non-threatening.

Floor Plans
By Me (of course, these are to official ones) ;)

Main Floor
Basic Apartment

By Other People
Other peoples' takes on the place *G*

Floor One - by Vertigo Fox
Floor Two - by Vertigo Fox
Floor Three - by Vertigo Fox

Floor One - by Klork
Floor One - by KlorkNew
- by KlorkNew

This section is dedicated to origin stories of the variouse characters in the RP, if the owners decide to write them. If you are a part of the RP and wish to write an origin story for your character, please let  me know through either the chat or e-mail (, and I'll be glad to host it! Also, give credit where credit is due. If it's not your character, toss a disclaimer in. If you want to put a raiting of some kind on your story, feel free to, otherwise, I will, as I do with all stories posted on my sites. Enjoy!!!

Changes, by Emilie May - HLM's origin story. (R, for violence and sex)

Lost Memories, by Erica Branum - Klork's origin story. (PG, language)

Destiny, by Emilie May - Diana's origin story. (R, for violence and sex)

Aria Stormsinger: Awakening, by Ria Megnin - Aria's origin story. (PG, some violence)

Aria's Journal of Brazil, by Ria Megnin - the journal Aria kept of her trip to Brazil. (PG, some violence)

Revelations, by Emilie May - Revelyn's origin story. (PG-13, some violence)

Circles, by Erica Branum - Rica's origin story. (PG, concepts)

Fade to Black, by Veavitdpoh - Mitch's origin story. (R, language, violence and adult situations)

Lone Wolf, By Erica Branum - Syan and Anora's origin story. (PG, mild swearing, also not finished, and probably won't be, but what there is of it is very good!!)

A Witch's Path, by Emilie May - Mary's origin story. (PG, language and a lil' bit of religious stuff)

The Broken Swordsman, By Erica Branum - Aiden's origin story. (PG, lil' bit of swearing)