This is a place for some tips I've come up with over years and years of RPing and basic interpersonal communications stuff. A lot of it may seem rediculously obviouse, but you'd be suprised at what people don't know. Eh heh, and if you want to tip me, money is always welcomed. ;-)


Here's one of those "rediculously obviouse" things I was talking about. This funny little word has a vast meaning behind it. By excersizing it, you can save yourself one hell of a lot of heartache. A few things you can do to SHOW respect to others are as follows:

- Don't yell at others. Online, this would translate into typing in all caps. It really grates on a person's nerves.

- Actually stop doing something that annoys another person when asked to.

- Don't call others derogitory names.

- Don't ignore requests to stop.

- Don't pretend to be annoyed by something just to annoy the other person.

- Don't whine about the ignore thing. Not only is it disrespectful to the person who just might NOT have you on ignore, it's disrespectful to the rest of the chan. It's a great way to get on ignore, though.

- Don't force your opinions on others, but do stay open minded to new thoughts and ideas. No one likes being told they're wrong for no good reason, but if you keep an open mind, you're bound to learn something you didn't know before.

- No saying you're "bord" or "nothing's happening" We're really not there for your amusment. Again, we have other things going on besides RP.


The big thing about RP is that I've noticed that a lot of people take it way too seriously. I mean, yeah, your orginal characters are your babies because they were born of your mind, but it is just a game. I would hope that your entire life doesn't circulate around it, but it can play a big part in it. I've gotten several ideas for my stories off of RP, and RP helps develope characters, but you still need to keep it in perspective. Once you leave the computer, you should leave the RP with it. If things aren't going the way you want them to, then calmly talk to the others somewhere else or OOC (Out Of Character). Basically, try not to let it get to you. The other person may not like your character, but that doesn't neccessarily mean they don't like you. Lighten up and have fun! That's what role playing is all about! It's about having fun and expanding your mind. Sometimes you just need to let things roll off your back.

Also...if there's an RP going on, it's generally a good idea to keep OOC to a minimum, and if you do want to talk OOC, you should put your comments in brackets to avoid confusion...better yet...go to the OOC chan!

Well, uhm, that's really about all I can think of. I'll add more if more comes to mind. Hope this helps a lil' bit.